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dance with my mind -

25 October

activism, adrienne rich, alice walker, ani difranco, animal rights, ashley macisaac, audre lorde, autumn, b-52's, be good tanya's, beethoven, bell hooks, ben harper, ben sures, bif naked, billy bragg, billy idol, bjork, blondie, blue rodeo, blur, bob dylan, bob marley, buena vista social club, buffy sainte-marie, bust, camping, chai, clash, cooking, cowboy junkies, csny, cyndi lauper, dan frechette, dancing, darkroom development, death cab for cutie, dire straits, disordered eating, dragon flies, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, ember swift, fall, feist, feminism, film, folk music, gordon lightfoot, greg macpherson, guitar, hayden, hole, homophobia, human rights, independent film, independent music, jane's addiction, janis joplin, jeff buckley, jimi hendrix, joel kroeker, johnny cash, joni mitchell, kinnie starr, le tigre, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, live music, loreena mckennit, mandolin, martha wainwright, moby, modest mouse, moist, mondragon, morcheba, music, nathan, neil young, neko case, nine inch nails, nirvana, norah jones, oh susanna, outdoor festivals, patti smith, peaches, photography, pj harvey, placebo, po' girl, poetry, politics, popular culture, porno for pyros, portishead, pulp, queen, queer as folk, queer culture, r.e.m., racism, radiohead, rain, reading, richie havens, rufus wainwright, rusty, ryan adams, sarah harmer, scorpio, sexism, sigur ros, simon and garfunkle, singing, smashing pumpkins, songwriting, spirit of the west, stone temple pilots, swimming, tegan and sara, the be good tanya's, the beatles, the blue meanies, the cure, the doors, the eagles, the guess who, the mama's and papa's, the rolling stones, the tragically hip, the waillin' jenny's, the wyrd sisters, the yeah yeah yeah's, tori amos, trees, valdy, veganism, vegetarian, victoria british columbia, weezer, woody guthrie, xavier rudd, yoga, zodiac signs